The following conditions govern the contractual relationship between the tour operator. Outside Travel’s (hereinafter ”organizer”), and traveler at time of travel.

1. Introductory provisions

1.1.1. ”Package” refers to an arrangement designed before agreement is reached, consisting of

- Transport and

- Accommodation or

- Any of these services in combination with any tourist services which constitutes a not insignificant part of the arrangement, and which is not directly linked to transport or accommodation.

1.1.2. Additionally, it is a condition that the arrangement lasts more than 24 hours or includes overnight stay and are sold or advertised for an inclusive price, or for separate prices are linked to each other.

1.2 The traveler’s general obligations

1.2.1. The traveler is responsible for that he / she holds a valid passport and other documents necessary for the tour/journey and, if conditions requires, visas and required vaccinations.

1.2.2. The traveler is responsible for his/hers own round tour to and from the destination.

1.2.3. The traveler must comply with the rules provided by the organizer or applying for services as part of the package relating to boats, airports, transport etc.

1.2.4. The traveler should always behave so that fellow passengers are not bothered. Serious violations can lead to the traveler, by the organizer or his agent to be dismissed from further participation in the tour. The traveler may in such cases arrange a tour home and bear the costs arising.

1.2.5. The passenger must immediately after reception carefully go through confirmation, tickets and other travel documents and check that the data are consistent with what has been agreed and that the name is spelled the same way as in the passport. Any inaccuracies should be promptly notified the organizer.

1.2.6. The passenger must immediately inform the organizer of any changes of address, email address, phone number or other information relevant to the organizer opportunities to contact traveler.

1.2.7. The passenger must continuously keep him/herself updated of departure gates and departure times, eg by promptly after arrival at an airport seek information screens and contact the airport staff if in doubt about which terminal or output the flight departs from. This information changes frequently, and is outside the operator’s control.

1.2.8. If the traveler does not comply with the above obligations, he / she can not make a claim with action against the organizer, intermediary or subcontractor of the tour consequences as traveler’s failure to comply with these obligations means.

1.3. Price and contracted services

1.3.1. Information including the organizer’s website is included in the agreement. This information is mandatory for the organizer, except where the organized explicitly, in flyers or brochures has reserved the right to make changes, and the traveler has been

informed of such changes before the contract is concluded.

1.3.2. Within 20 days of the agreement reached, the traveler shall pay a first installment (deposit) about 5000 SEK. Final payment must be made within 30 days before departure.

1.3.3. The price must be stated in such a way that the full price is clearly apparent. It shall include all of the contract conclusion services and mandatory supplements and taxes.

1.3.4. A connecting journey or a special arrangement is included in contract only if these have been sold or marketed together with the main event for a common price or separate rates attached to each other.

1.3.5. Any special services / arrangements on the traveler’s request is included in the contract only if they are explicitly confirmed by the organizer.

1.3.6. If the organizer has reason to assume that the number of participants is less than 4 people, the organizer has 30 days before departure the right to cancel the tour. The decision shall be notified the traveler within a reasonable time. The traveler is in this case not entitled to damages.

1.4. The conclusion

1.4.1. The contract is binding for the parties when the organizer, in writing, has confirmed the traveler’s request. The organizer should confirm the traveler’s order without delay.

1.4.2. If the traveler don’t pay the full amount in accordance with the contract/agreement, the organizer has the right to cancel the contract. Upon such termination, the organizer is entitled to be paid the amount by which the traveler would have paid if the traveler had canceled the tour in accordance with cancellation policy in Section 3.

2. Amendment of the Agreement

2.1. Price Changes

2.1.1. If costs increases for the organizer after the agreement under 1.4 has become binding on the parties, the organizer can increase the price of the tour by an amount equal to the cost increment if these are due to: changes in transportation costs, including fuel prices, changes in taxes, duties, fees or charges for certain services, such as airport, port, landing and start-up fees, changes in exchange rates used in calculating the price for the tour.

2.1.2. In such cases, the price shall be increased by an amount equal to the traveler’s share of the cost increase which the organizer is affected by for the implementation of the agreement.

2.1.3. The right to price increase as described above occurs only when the cost increase more than 100 SEK.

2.1.4. The prize shall not be increased during the last 20 days before the agreed day of departure. The organizer shall, as soon as possible notify the passenger if the price changes.

2.1.5. The trip’s price should be similarly reduced if the organizer’s costs decrease earlier than 20 days before the agreed departure date, for the same reasons as stated above. If the costs reduce, the price should be reduced only if the cost reduction exceeds 100 SEK.

2.2. Transfer of travel

2.2.1. The passenger has the right to transfer the trip to another person. However, it is essential that anyone who the trip is ceded to meet those of the organizer, at the conclusion of the contract specified necessary conditions and requirements for participation in the package tour. The right to transfer the trip can be wholly or partly restricted by the organizer, if a transfer is not possible because of the conditions imposed by the subcontractor. Restrictions on transferring a trip must always be clearly stated in the agreement.

2.2.2 The traveler and the person the trip is transferred to is liable for the amount remaining to be paid for the trip and for all the additional costs arising from the transfer. Additionally the organizer has the right to a reasonable compensation for the extra work it may have as a result of the transfer.

2.3. Changes after conclusion of the contract

2.3.1. The traveler’s requests for changes before departure For changes after the contract’s conclusion of the trip’s time, destinations, tour participants, etc. the organizer, in addition to compensation for the actual costs as the change, have the right to charge an administrative charge. After the agreement has become binding, it is often not possible to make changes to the agreed services. The traveler are therefore not entitled a refund of the portion of the trip for the cost of these services.

2.3.2. Organizer’s changes / cancellation prior to departure If the organizer have to cancel the trip or if the trip can not be implemented as agreed, the passenger must as soon as possible be informed accordingly. This does not apply to modifications or deviations, which can be considered to be of minor importance for the traveler. If the change means that the trip’s economic value decreases, the passenger is entitled to a price reduction. If the organizer makes significant changes in the agreement, or cancel the trip without the traveler bears debt hereto, he / she can cancel the contract and receive a refund of the full amount, he / she paid under the contract, or participate in another trip, if the organizer can offer this. The traveler must, within a reasonable time after notification of change or cancellation of the trip, inform the organizer of their choice. If the replacing trip have a smaller value than the original trip, the organizer shall refund the price difference to the traveler.

2.3.3 organizer’s changes after departure In cases of subsequent events, it can happen that the organizer can not provide parts of the agreed services. In such cases, the organizer will offer compensation arrangements. For some trips, it can, because of their special character be difficult to predict the exact course. Changed natural conditions, political events, etc. may mean that the organizer is forced to make changes in the itinerary. The organizer, in such a case, if possible, will offer the traveler compensation arrangements.

If the change would lead to deterioration the traveler may be entitled to claim damages and or price reduction. If changes to the agreed services according to or due to circumstances beyond the organizer’s control, which the organizer reasonably not could have expected when the agreement concluded and whose consequences could reasonably have been avoided or overcome, the traveler is not entitled to damages. If changes is due to a subcontractor that the organizer has hired, the organizer is free from liability, only if it depends on circumstances out of the subcontractor’s control.

3. Termination of contract

3.1. Traveler’s cancellation of the trip - general provisions

3.1.1. Traveler’s cancellation of the trip should take place on the way specified in the contract. Unless otherwise stated, the notice should be done in writing.

3.1.2. The cancellation fee is always at least 5000 SEK per traveler.

3.1.3. For cancellation earlier than 40 days before departure, the passenger must pay the registration fee of 5000 SEK.

3.1.4. If the cancellation occur later than 40 days before departure the passenger must pay the full price.

3.2. Traveler’s and organizer’s right to withdraw from Agreement due to force majeure

3.2.1 Both the organizer and the traveler has the right to withdraw from the agreement if after the agreement reached, or near the destination or along the planned route, natural disaster, act of war, general strike or another intervention event occurs, which substantially affects the trip or the conditions at the destination at the time the trip will be carried out. If the traveler or organizer under this provision withdraws from the contract, the traveler has the right to get refunded what he / she paid under the contract. If the organizer withdraws from the contract on the basis of this provision, the organizer is not entitled to damages.

3.2.2. The assessment of whether an event should be considered as one such event specified in 3.2.1., It should be made with regard to official statements from the Swedish and international authorities. A dissuasion of trips to the destination by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should be treated as such an event.

3.2.3. The passenger has no right to cancel pursuant to 3.2.1, if he / she knew by the conclusion that such intervention event, referred to in this paragraph, existed or whether the incident was publicly known.

3.2.4. If the traveler does not have the right to cancel the trip with support of 3.2.1 but still wish to cancel, the organizer’s general cancellation policies in paragraph 3.1 are valid.

3.3. Cancellation insurance and travel insurance

3.3.1. When paying by bank or credit card, special conditions can be offered by the bank / card provider. The organizer offers no separate opportunity to subscribe cancellation insurances.

3.3.2. The organizer is not responsible for the traveler’s insurances, regarding personal injury or belongings. Verify therefore your insurance to check for travel insurance included or travel insurance to extend protection.

4.1. Complaints

4.1.1. In case of failure of the agreed services, the traveler must immediately after he / she has noticed or should have noticed the error, complain to the organizer, the organizer’s representative or subcontractor, which error it concerns to provide the opportunity to remedy the error. Complaints should be done at the destination.

4.1.2. The traveler must, if possible, ensure that the claim will be documented in writing by the organizer or his subcontractor in place.

4.1.3. The traveler may not invoke error, if a complaint is not made in accordance with the foregoing.

4.1.4. Claim for compensation or price reduction should as soon as possible after the trip’s ending be conveyed to the organizer.

4.1.5. Demands because of errors in the services contracted later than two months from the time the traveler noticed or should have discovered the error, the traveler is considered to have lost the right to invoke the error.

4.2. Rectification of errors

4.2.1. If the organizer offers remedy the error, the traveler can not demand a price reduction or cancel the contract, provided that the remedy takes place within a reasonable time and without additional costs or significant disadvantage for the traveler.

4.2.2. The traveler should always limit damage as much as possible.

5. Restrictions on the organizer’s liability

5.1. Organizer’s liability for claims due to damage or malfunction is limited to the currently applicable thresholds, according to the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions (Aviation) and the Athens Convention (for transport by sea and waterways). The organizer’s responsibility can not exceed that which applies to the person or subcontractors, who has direct responsibility for the inadequate service.

5.2. Airlines have direct responsibility for correct transport under the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions, EU Regulation 889/2002, EU Regulation 261/2004 and the Aviation Act.

5.3. The above means that the traveler at delayed, lost or damaged luggage in the first place should complain and ask their claims against the contracting or transporting airline. The requirements should be set as soon as the events reach the traveler’s knowledge. Loss or damage report should if possible be made at the arrival airport, whereby a damage (so-called PIR report) should be established.

5.4. The organizer is not responsible for medications, any valuables such as camera, cash, jewelry, fishing equipment etc., stored in checked baggage. Some airlines offer a special insurance for theft-prone items. in such cases, a special declaration shall be made directly to the airline at check-in.